Elizabeth Vargas Confirmed As Keynote Speaker At Alpha Home Luncheon

Elizabeth Vargas Confirmed As Keynote Speaker At Alpha Home Luncheon
Award-winning ABC anchor and author to speak about alcoholism, anxiety and national epidemic

(SAN ANTONIO, Texas) – November 22, 2017 – Alpha Home – a local addiction treatment center – is excited to announce award-winning ABC News anchor, Elizabeth Vargas, will be the keynote speaker at its upcoming 12th Annual Doorways of Hope luncheon. The event is scheduled to be held on Thursday, February 22, 2018, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade (9821 Colonnade Blvd.) at 11:30 a.m.

Vargas is currently the co-anchor of “20/20” with David Muir and is also the author of “Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction,” an award-winning New York Times bestseller.

She has traveled the world, covering breaking news stories, reporting in-depth investigations and conducting newsmaker interviews.

In 2017, Elizabeth anchored breaking news coverage of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, reported on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations and spent three years documenting an inspirational family as they adjust to life with their son’s rare facial condition. In 2016, she anchored “20/20” reports on the passing of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds as well as the breaking news live network coverage of the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting, the ambush in Dallas where five police officers were killed, the death of pop star Prince and the passing boxing icon Muhammad Ali.

She has interviewed leaders from around the world, including President George W. Bush from the Oval Office in the White House. Her international coverage has sent her to Beslan, Russia, and the Middle East. In 2000, Vargas won an Emmy for Outstanding Instant Coverage of a News Story for anchoring live coverage of the Eilan Gonzalez case.

“We are thrilled to honor Elizabeth for her incredible strength. Her recovery story is honest and tells the story of many other mothers struggling with addiction,” said Angela White, Alpha Home CEO. “Her story will deliver a message of hope and understanding for our attendees and the San Antonio community.”

At our luncheon, Vargas will talk about her experience with alcoholism, anxiety and the national epidemic sweeping the nation.

“Addiction is a serious and deadly issue in our country,” Vargas said. “We must reduce the stigma around this disease by talking more about it. We can save lives together.”

Tickets and sponsorship for the upcoming event can be purchased at the following link: http://bit.ly/1Qzrvfj


About Alpha Home:
Since its beginning in 1966, Alpha Home has served over 23,000 clients in San Antonio and the surrounding counties. The mission of Alpha Home is to offer a pathway of help, hope and healing through spiritually based drug and alcohol treatment and support.

Joan’s Blessing in Disguise

United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County story

“Joan’s” Story: My time at Alpha Home has been a blessing in disguise. I was sent there by my probation officer after two years in federal prison. I came with an attitude of indifference. I had been sober for a little over two years and felt I didn’t need to come to Alpha Home. How wrong I was.

This has been the greatest opportunity for me. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Why I was sent here after my sentence instead of before really confused me, but after successfully completing this program, I trust in my faith more than ever.

The program taught me so much in just 90 days. I am not the same person I was when I got here. I am so much stronger. I have more self-esteem than I’ve had in a long time. I have learned the tools I will need to help me through not just my recovery, but also future relationships and life’s everyday ups and downs.

I learned that sobriety is not recovery.

If I want to achieve my goals and maintain my recovery, then coming to Alpha Home was the best thing I could ever do. They take lost, scared and angry women, and turn us into strong independent women with hope. This is a spiritual program based on rigorous honesty. I learned what integrity really means. I re-established my morals and built a strong foundation for my future.

The dedication and time the Alpha Home family gives is not only commendable, it’s astonishing. I’ve made lifelong friends being in the residential program. I am grateful and sincere.

Alpha Home is the only San Antonio gender-specific residential rehabilitation program dedicated exclusively to treating women. It provides women intensive and expansive therapeutic drug rehabilitation and alcoholism addiction treatment program in a home-like residential setting that prepares them to remain clean and sober while embracing the benefit of a lifelong 12-Step commitment.

Alpha Home Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth, Cindy and Linda

Every Monday since 2001, Ruth Cawthon has been volunteering at Alpha Home, helping clients sew pillows, tote bags, Christmas ornaments, stockings and even gingerbread dolls. Ruth began at Alpha Home, with a job answering phones and now in retirement she loves volunteering so much that she recruited two of her best friends – Cindy and Linda – to do the same.

“It answered my prayers, because I wanted to do something that helped people,” said Cindy. “This was just a blessing for me… this is what I look forward to every week.”

The three friends come to Alpha Home every week.

They say their interactions with the clients is what keeps bringing them back. During the hour and a half class, Ruth teaches Alpha Home clients the basics of sewing.

“They learn how to reverse, they learn how to turn a corner and to close the pillow up, we teach them how to do a hand sewing stitch,” she said. “I think it’s comforting for them to be able to give their kids something that they can snuggle. So, their kids can have that security when they’re away.”

Alpha Home Donor Spotlight: Charles Kennedy

Today’s #MorningsWithAlphaHome is so special for us because we get to honor Alpha Home champion and centenarian, Mr. Charles Kennedy! Mr. Kennedy recently turned 101 years old over the weekend. Congratulations, Mr. Kennedy, we’re delighted to be able to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Name: Charles. “Tom” Kennedy
What time do you get up? Anywhere between 7-9 I am going to get up around 730 tomorrow
What’s your morning drink? Either orange juice or prune juice
Do you have a favorite quote? Footprints in the sand , it’s not a quote but it is what comes to mind. What is your secret to a long life? Chuckles …. I don’t know, I suppose it’s good doctors and divine intervention.
Why do you love Alpha Home? Well I think it’s a good place to help people in trouble
What is your most memorable decade – and why? That’s a hard one to answer. I would say The Fifties. The Great Depression had passed, the war (WWII) was over. Everyone was working. Everybody was happy and the economy was good. That was probably the best time.