Donate And Change Lives This Holiday Season

The holidays are around us. It’s a time for togetherness with family and friends but for many including our Alpha Home Alumnae it wasn’t always that way.

Valarie is an Alpha Home Alumnae and says she knows she could have lost it all. She once overdosed and was addicted to pain killers and heroin.

She now lives in a sober living house, with her 9-year-old daughter Kaylen. Valarie calls her little girl her “partner” and credits her for helping her stay strong.

Valarie and her daughter, Kaylen (2017)

“I had everything going on for me on the outside,” Valarie said. “But inside it was so miserable and dark.”

Valarie says one Christmas she ended up spending all of her saved money for presents and used it instead to purchase heroin.

“On Christmas morning, I didn’t want to wake up my daughter,” she said recalling the holiday. “I felt shamed, guilty. I’ll never forget that feeling of not wanting to wake her up. I got sober after that because it was so devastating.”

Now sober, Valarie says she happily wakes up her daughter on Christmas morning to make cinnamon rolls. It’s their special new tradition, she says.

Help those who need help like Valarie and have your donation matched this year.

As a reminder, two generous donors are matching all gifts that come in between now and December 29th.

Make your donation today to help keep hope alive for our Alpha Home clients this season. Help restore holidays to what they should be for so many families.

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Trinity Baptist Church, Papouli’s throw Christmas party for Alpha Home clients

Special thanks to Trinity Baptist Church’s Kingdom Builders Class and the staff at Papouli’s Greek Grill for making sure our Alpha Home clients and their children had a Christmas to remember. Every year, the class and Papouli’s join together to make the annual party a festive one.

This year, Santa Claus made a visit from the North Pole and made time to take pictures with children of Alpha Home clients. Several Alpha Home Board of Directors were also in attendance.

New Playroom Unveiled At Alpha Home

Alpha Home has a new playroom for children who visit Alpha Home thanks to a grant from The Charity Ball Association!

Special thanks to Alpha Home Alumnae and Artist, Sara Barcus: Fine Art and Illustration for our beautiful Dr. Seuss mural and our wonderful staffers, Robyn and Sarah, who helped with executing the project from beginning to end.

We are so thrilled with the final result!