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Alpha Home

Alpha Home, Inc., is a non-profit treatment center providing specialized services to chemically dependent women. At Alpha Home, we treat our clients like you would people in a hospital. They are sick women, not bad women. If they could stop using drugs or alcohol on their own, they would. We help them change their lives and recover from addiction. Addiction is three-fold—body, mind, and spirit. At Alpha Home, we treat all three, not just the physical addiction, but the complete woman.

The good news is that treatment works. Recovery benefits everyone.

Alpha Home has earned a highly respected reputation in the treatment community, both locally and nationally, for having an established success record in treating chemically dependent women. Alpha Home is proud to be a United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County agency.

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Our programs feature medical and mental health assessments, treatment for dual dependencies, individual and group counseling, addiction and recovery education, family counseling, case management, parenting, trauma counseling, anger resolution, art activities, recovery planning, introduction to 12-step support groups, and peer support.

Why Women Only?

One in four drug abusers is a woman, and chemically dependent women struggle with their diseases in very different ways than men. Alpha Home attributes our remarkably high recovery rate in large part to the fact that we focus on the treatment and recovery of women only. Many women struggling with alcoholism and addiction have a history that includes emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. In cases where the addiction coincides with abuse, women often experience complex emotions of guilt and shame. These intensely sensitive clinical issues are best treated in a gender-specific environment.