Alpha Home Donor Spotlight: Charles Kennedy

Today’s #MorningsWithAlphaHome is so special for us because we get to honor Alpha Home champion and centenarian, Mr. Charles Kennedy! Mr. Kennedy recently turned 101 years old over the weekend. Congratulations, Mr. Kennedy, we’re delighted to be able to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Name: Charles. “Tom” Kennedy
What time do you get up? Anywhere between 7-9 I am going to get up around 730 tomorrow
What’s your morning drink? Either orange juice or prune juice
Do you have a favorite quote? Footprints in the sand , it’s not a quote but it is what comes to mind. What is your secret to a long life? Chuckles …. I don’t know, I suppose it’s good doctors and divine intervention.
Why do you love Alpha Home? Well I think it’s a good place to help people in trouble
What is your most memorable decade – and why? That’s a hard one to answer. I would say The Fifties. The Great Depression had passed, the war (WWII) was over. Everyone was working. Everybody was happy and the economy was good. That was probably the best time.