Family First at Alpha Home

Family First is a Pregnant and Postpartum Intervention (PPI) and outreach program focusing on pregnant and parenting women who may be at risk of developing substance use disorders. The programs goal is to reduce the number of children and families whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drugs.

Family First provides Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder education (FASD) to all pregnant or parenting women to educate women about the preventable disorders that may affect their unborn children if they drink alcohol during pregnancy.

PADRE Program (Parenting Awareness and Drug Risk Education) offered through Family First offers intervention and outreach support to parenting men who are involved with the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

Celebrating Families-Parenting Program provides direct services to children at risk of abuse/neglect due to parent substance use, help break the cycle of addiction in families, strengthen family recovery and increase healthy living skills.

Educational Classes

​Family First offers several free educational classes for women who are expecting or who have children under the age of 18 months. Family First is dedicated to the education and support of our participants and our community.

Baby Firstbigstock-sleeping-newborn-baby-wrapped2

The Baby First class is a two-hour upbeat, educational experience for pregnant women and their partners or support persons to learn about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. The goal of Baby First is to significantly reduce harm to an unborn child due to alcohol and drug exposure in utero. Participants who complete the class receive a free diaper bag filled with baby items. Before the class, participants are asked to complete the PPI Risk Assessment so that we might also address any identified needs and reduce any risk factors.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)Sucht

The ATOD class focuses on the harmful and sometimes lasting effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, with an emphasis on pregnancy and children. The goal for ATOD is to improve parenting skills and promote healthier lifestyles by giving an overview of the progression of addiction and increased risk factors involved with alcohol or drug use.

Healthy Beginnings

The goal of the Healthy Beginnings class is to decrease exposure to alcohol, tobacbigstock-Baby-And-Mother-591325co, and drug use during pregnancy and early infancy to improve pregnancy outcomes and promote healthier lifestyles. Participants learn how to maintain a healthy pregnancy through nutrition, positive lifestyle choices, and active participation in their own prenatal care. This class also provides educational instruction on proper infant care to improve and strengthen parenting skills and parental bonding.

Me First

Young woman holding her baby

The Me First class helps participants reduce the tendency to turn toward unhealthy and harmful relationships or substance abuse to cope with stress. Me First provides a safe environment for women to express themselves and to openly discuss their relationships and self-images. This class will identify individual needs and personal rights while placing an emphasis on positive communication skills. Participants leave with tools for a healthier lifestyle.



For more information, call Family First at (210) 735-3822.