Donate your birthday

Pledge your Sobriety Birthday!

What better way to celebrate your sobriety birthday than to give to others?

It would be amazing to ask your friends and family for donations to Alpha Home and help with hope and healing for the women and men of San Antonio!


Ready to Pledge?

You can add fun photos or videos to your fundraiser page. Then email, tweet and Facebook your family and friends the link to your new fundraiser page on GiveGab asking them to make donations to Alpha Home.

Here’s how you do it

First, click on the link below to take you to Alpha Home’s Fundraising page on GiveGab:


  1. Next, click “Start Fundraising” and create an account
  2. Click on tell your story and telly your story about recovery
  3. Last, share your fundraiser page. Email, tweet and Facebook your family and friends the personalized link to your fundraiser page you just created on GiveGab and ask them to make donations!

Not ready to pledge your sobriety birthday?

If today is not your sobriety birthday, just fill out the form below to pledge your sobriety date. When the day gets near, we’ll send you a reminder to let you know how to start fundraising.


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