Every Monday since 2001, Ruth Cawthon has been volunteering at Alpha Home, helping clients sew pillows, tote bags, Christmas ornaments, stockings and even gingerbread dolls. Ruth began at Alpha Home, with a job answering phones and now in retirement she loves volunteering so much that she recruited two of her best friends – Cindy and Linda – to do the same.

“It answered my prayers, because I wanted to do something that helped people,” said Cindy. “This was just a blessing for me… this is what I look forward to every week.”

The three friends come to Alpha Home every week.

They say their interactions with the clients is what keeps bringing them back. During the hour and a half class, Ruth teaches Alpha Home clients the basics of sewing.

“They learn how to reverse, they learn how to turn a corner and to close the pillow up, we teach them how to do a hand sewing stitch,” she said. “I think it’s comforting for them to be able to give their kids something that they can snuggle. So, their kids can have that security when they’re away.”

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