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Frequently Asked Questions

San Antonio Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Alpha Home. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What programs do you offer?

    We offer both residential (women only) and outpatient (men and women) treatment services for individuals 18 years of age and up. Please visit our services page for additional details.

  • Can I just show up and be admitted?

    While you can show up for an assessment, we don’t always have staff available.  We recommend calling or emailing to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Please call our Residential Admissions department at 210-735-3822, extension 3011 or 3023, for information.

  • How long is the waiting list?

    There is typically not a waitlist for outpatient services. Residential services are in high demand, and a waitlist is possible.  Our recommendation is to reach out to our intake department, to provide details about your admission. Call 210-735-3822 x3011 or email alpha@alphahome.org for assistance.

  • Can I make an appointment for someone or put them on a waitlist?

    This is a difficult question for friends and family; however, our programs are voluntary and confidential, so we do require the person seeking treatment to reach out for the appointment.

  • What is the admissions process?

    Please see our admissions page.

  • What makes me eligible for treatment at Alpha Home?

    Several factors qualify a person for Alpha Home services. The most important is you must be willing to accept treatment, motivated, and willing to comply with treatment.  We work with individuals regardless of their ability to pay for the program.

  • Do you have detox/medical stabilization at your facilities?

    In most cases, an individual must be detoxed and medically stable before entering our programs; however, there are a few exceptions depending on your drug of choice.

  • Do I have to test negative on a drug screen to be admitted?

    Clients must be medically stable and not need medical detox but they do not necessarily have to have a negative drug test.

  • How long is the stay?

    The stay varies based on the individual’s needs, but the average length of stay is 60-90 days. Outpatient treatment varies from four to six months.

  • Can I leave at any time during my stay?

    This is your treatment and it is voluntary.  We encourage you to take full advantage of your treatment and our resources.

  • Can I bring my child to stay with me?

    Unfortunately, our homes are not set up to house children; however, our counselors will work with you on visiting your children while you are in treatment.

  • What if I’m unable to pay for treatment?

    Finances should never be a reason not to receive treatment.   Alpha Home’s intake staff will assist in providing a source of payment.

    If you are interested in applying for funding, you need to bring the following:

    • Proof of Texas residency, such as a Texas driver’s license or state ID.
    • An official document mailed to you at a Texas address.
    • A letter from Child Protective Services certifying that you are a Texas resident, or a lease agreement to a Texas residence with your name as leaser.
    • Proof of current monthly income for you and your spouse, if applicable (most recent paycheck stub or letter from employer, proof of government support, child support, SSI, SSDI, or other).
    • Proof of insurance (Medicaid is accepted).
  • What types of insurance do you take?

    We accept Medicaid and certain private insurances. Please contact us for details.

  • Where are you located?

    Alpha Home has two residential homes in San Antonio, Texas. Our outpatient services and administrative office are at the Ruble Center, which is located at 419 E Magnolia Avenue, San Antonio 78212.

  • Do you have any housing resources?

    As part of your discharge planning, we provide case management services. Our staff will work with you on the resources you need upon your discharge.

  • My family member is in residential treatment. When can I visit?

    Please download our family information guide.