Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in San Antonio is for women 18 years and older who need treatment and support in a homelike residential setting. Our treatment philosophy and practices are based on 50 years of highly successful and effective treatment experiences. Average length of stay is 70 days. We have 47 beds divided between 2 facilities located near downtown San Antonio.

Alpha Home’s Residential goals include implementing recovery skills into daily living patterns, maintaining abstinence and sobriety, improved family and social functioning, and increasing self-sufficiency.

The Process

The process begins with the client’s involvement in developing a personalized treatment plan and continues with the following:


  • Participating in individual counseling
  • Participating in process and education groups
  • Using peer support systems
  • Participating in a community 12-step program
  • Working with a 12-step sponsor
  • Participating in goals set by referring agencies including Child Protective Services and criminal justice entities
  • Participating with family members in the treatment process

Services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plans
  • Case management
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Education groups including recovery skills, relapse prevention, healthy relationships, anger management, 12-step introduction, and parenting skills
  • Sober-related activities
  • GED Classes
  • Health and wellness classes
  • On-site wellness clinic staffed by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio medical students and volunteers doctors
  • Job readiness preparation
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