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About Alpha Home

For 54 years, Alpha Home has been committed to treating the whole person—not just the addiction— by caring, qualified professionals. By incorporating our core values of Spirituality, Compassion, Integrity and Respect into our treatment approach, we focus on providing the resources for every client to build a future of long term recovery. 

mission, vision & Values


The mission of Alpha Home is to offer a pathway of help, hope, and healing through spiritually based drug and alcohol treatment and support.


Our vision is a world in which recovery is always possible.


Spirituality, Compassion, Integrity and Respect are the core values we live by.


Sandy Klein, Board Chair
Rebecca Bonugli, Vice Chair
Lisa Gostkowski, Treasurer
Andrea Schaper, Secretary
Linda Ellison, Immediate Past Chair

Dr. Richard Albanese
Joel Bowlin
Gwynn Deaver
Rev. Leslie Hollon
Kathryn Parker Howie
Gaye Litton
Dolly Lopez
Julie Perez
Lorina Rummel
John Skaggs
Danielle Smothers
Francine Wilson


leadership team

Merideth Erickson
Chief Executive Officer

Karen M.  Herring

Human Resources/Finance Director

Melissa Kennedy

Chief Program Officer

Diana Mitchell

Family First Director

Amanda Hunt

Marketing and Development Director

Robyn Wilson

Operations Director






2018 Audit


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