Mindfulness is

  • Paying Attention
    • On purpose
    • In the present moment
    • Non-judgmentally

When we talk about being in the present moment non-judgmentally, the most common question I get asked is “So, am I to just accept the present moment when I am being abused?”

And the answer is “Of course not!” Does it mean we just “take things lying down?” Of course not!

Non-judgmental awareness is not the same as passively accepting whatever happens, including harmful things. It does not mean failing to evaluate whether others’ actions or your own are harmful, or failing to protect yourself from victimization, or failing to prevent yourself from causing harm. Quite the opposite: non-judgmental mindfulness enables one to respond to such situations from awareness and thoughtfulness rather than habit, over-reaction, compulsion, addiction, etc.

We practice mindfulness on purpose.

That means we set aside time each day to practice mindfulness in a safe place and at a safe time. This allows us to respond to a situation with clearness and enables us to make decisions that will make us safe instead of staying in an unsafe situation.

Peacefully yours,

As we become more aware,

Carol Carroll Kratochvil, LCDC, NCTTP

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