How you can help

Volunteer Options Include:

Volunteers play an essential role at Alpha Home. The assistance our volunteers give multiplies our ability to provide services to our clients. We welcome individuals, organizations, church groups and companies to join us!

Receptionist and file clerks:

Answering phones, filing, laminating, shredding and other clerical duties.

Donation drives:

Alpha Home has an ongoing need for toiletry items. Please contact us if you would like to organize a donation drive to help with our daily needs.

Grounds maintenance:

Assist with beautification of grounds and support maintenance coordinator.

Macy's Clothing Closet:

Sort through and organize donated clothing/assist clients with clothing needs.

Key Benefits of Alpha Home:

  • Reunification of families 
  • More moms raising children 
  • Changes direction of families for generations 
  • Reduces child abuse 
  • More people working and paying taxes 
  • Fewer people on government assistance 
  • Emergency room, jail and employment cost savings


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