1. Attend (or host your own) Dance Party
  2. Attend a 12 step meeting
  3. Go out of town with some friends
  4. Host a game night
  5. Throw a mocktail party

No matter what you choose to do, the most important factor is this: be prepared. If you’re sober and planning to spend your New Year’s in a place where alcohol is being served, devise an exit strategy beforehand. And don’t worry about what others think if, say, you’ve gotta scoot at 11:35 p.m. because the temptation to drink is too much to handle. We’ve been there.In a difficult social situation like this, two things become glaringly more important than everything else: you and your sobriety. It also helps to make sure your cell phone is fully charged should you need to call a friend, a sponsor, or even a hotline.And with that, we bid you all a happy and safe New Year! Ching ching!

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