Bartender’s story of addiction gains national attention

Like any good bartender Crystal Sanders is taking orders and chatting up customers.

Conversations run from work, kids and the place where she learned to be sober.

She’s been sober now for three years. Even carries a sobriety coin to remind her of the day.

“My three year one. I got it on October 18th,” said Sanders.

She started drinking back in college, and pretty much never stopped.

“I got to where I had to drink, pretty much to stay alive,” said Sanders.

Through the years, she became addicted to drugs and lost custody of her kids.

“I was homeless, jobless, carless,” she said.  Things were bad. Until the day she checked in to Alpha Home, a drug and alcohol recovery program.

“My life was saved, January 17, when I checked into Alpha Home,” said Sanders.

Now she’s got her kids and a good job.

“I’m going back to college now, too,” she said.

And her story is gaining her some national attention. All because of a cool, little digital jukebox at the bar.  The company, Touch Tunes, sponsored a member of the month contest.

“I said, what’s it going to hurt to put my story in,” said Sanders.

She not only won member of the month, they were so inspired, she went on to win member of the year.

Which came with a cash prize and a donation to Alpha Home.

She says this is where she belongs. A woman with a future, and a chance to help others.

“That I always knew was in there,” said Sanders.

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