Do I have a drinking problem?

Are you wondering if you are drinking too much? Has someone made comments on your drinking? Have you told yourself you would only have one, but had way more than that?   Take this quiz and see what it says. Make sure to be honest. TAKE QUIZ NOW!  


Meet Our New CEO

Hello, I’m Angela White, delighted to meet you.… A little bit about me…. I am originally from England and came to the United States with my family in 2007. I became an American citizen in 2013 and now consider San Antonio home. I have five rescue dogs and a parrot―it’s an entertaining household! My corporate…


Doorways of Hope Luncheon recap

Thanks again to all who helped support Alpha Home’s Doorways of Hope luncheon on February 25th. The donations, sponsorships and raffle sales made this event one of Alpha Home’s most successful luncheons. We raised a total of $90,555!

Recovery from a 12-Step Point of View

Recovery for me is learning a new system of beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that, when put into action, come to define a morally right way to live. It also goes beyond just learning the right way to live for myself. 12-step recovery also means sharing these learned practices with other individuals who are on the…


#GivingTuesday Success Story

Dear Friends, We love sharing success stories about Alpha Home — especially with people like you who are connected with Alpha Home on a personal level. Meet Sofia. Her sobriety date is October 27, 2007. She dabbled with drugs and alcohol since the age of 15. She became a mom of two boys at a…


Alpha Home receives $10,000!

  Alpha Home receives $10,000-a gift designated by David Hennessee from the John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation, a fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation


Guidelines for Sobriety

Accept the fact that your reaction to alcohol makes your life unmanageable. Realize that to make your life manageable, you must stop drinking completely. Understand that your alcoholism is a disease that affects everyone around you. Accept the fact that you can never be a social drinker again. If what you have is not what…